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A house inspection is one of the most important processes required before buying a house. If you are buying a home in Skagit County, you want to know everything about the house. People often buy houses in a hurry without proper inspections. They do not realize how expensive surprise repairs are until it’s too late. Paying for a house inspection saves you more money than if you skip a report to save money. If you are buying a house, we offer buyer consultations.

When a person buys a home, a professional home inspector will complete an in-depth analysis of the home and provide a home inspection report. The items on the inspection report help gather information about the house. The report includes interior and exterior details about the working conditions of the home. The report furnishes enough information that could persuade the buyer to buy or pass on the house. The buyer can use the inspection report to establish a negotiation plan if they choose to buy. 

We provide very precise information on your home inspection, including the hidden areas of the home. We use the best professional tools of the trade, including instruments that can locate and investigate inner flooring and inside walls. 

Advantage Home Inspections provides you with key determinants that help decide the value of the property. We provide quality home inspections that you can trust. With an accurate, advanced reporting system, you have access to your information as soon as you need it. 

Advantage Home Inspections
  • Focus on your priorities and concerns first.
  • Provide diligent and truthful reports.
  • Have experience from a qualified home inspection expert and contractor.
  • Explain things in a straightforward manner, and answer your questions.
  • Are Certified Washington State licensed home inspectors.
  • Are insured
  • Are in accordance with The Washington State Legislature definitions and Standards of Practice for Washington State Home Inspections and states what a home inspection is in finer detail.
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The ABC’s of Home Inspections


Our initial inspection includes an indoor and outdoor analysis of the house and property. We take a detailed look outside at the property’s drainage, driveway, outer surfaces, sidewalks, roof, gated areas, and landscaping. We continue with the inside structure of the house for a comprehensive investigation of the house’s inner workings. The report will include testing electrical supplies and outlets, crawl spaces, plumbing, and interior areas.

Best Decisions

We help you make the best decisions with our recommendations. We guide you through the process and help you understand what you can do to save money or make an investment that will increase the value of your property. When we find items that require maintenance, repairs, or replacement, we’ll supply you with options and help you make a plan.

Complete Answers

We answer any questions that you have on your report. If you have a concern or need help deciding what to do, we have complete answers. Whether it’s about upkeep, maintenance, service, or extra preventative options, we have the answers for you. 

Online Home Inspection Report

You always have access to an interactive online report right on your computer, phone, or tablet. You can share your report with other parties, including your bank, real estate agent, or anyone who requests it. 

Your online interactive report keeps you informed and updated. You can add notes, print pictures, comments, data, and information from your report. Your report is accessible anywhere and at any time at no extra cost. Instead of losing papers in files, your report is always available.

Custom Repair List

Your online custom repair list highlights the details of the home inspection report with pictures, notes, instructions on repairs, replacement options, and what to do if the compensation is required on broken items.

We inspect homes in Skagit County

Advantage Home Inspections are experienced and trusted Skagit County house inspectors. Our experience includes 20+ years of home contracting experience, home construction, and home inspection services. We are thorough, honest, and professional. We provide quality home inspections quickly and accurately. We give you the advantage. Call us now.

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