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Advantage Home Inspections offers an assortment of home inspection services. If there is anything regarding services that you do not see, contact us. We provide individualized solutions for each client.

What We Do

Buyer Inspection

A home buyer inspection provides an unbiased assessment of the property. We give you a full report of the review that helps you determine what to do regarding the home’s inspection. You can use the copy of the report for contractors or anything else you need to help you with your purchasing decisions.

Seller Inspection

Selling a home means being responsible for issues that need attention before the sale. We'll give you thorough details on necessary repairs, upkeep, restorations, and anything to help you prepare for the sale of your house.

Buyer Re-Inspect

It's important to know if the homeowner made the necessary repairs before you buy the home. We re-inspect the property to protect you and make sure improvements, repairs, and necessary adjustments took place.

Buyer Consultation

We offer consultations to safeguard our clients before the purchase of a property. We are happy to advise on repairs, deferred cost items, or deferred maintenance if there is an inspection contingency.

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