home inspection photos

Report Photos

Photos are included with the home inspection report. The photos enhance explanations and help you understand the details. Photos are always a big help because they offer proof and clarity to the report.

home inspection report

Report Summary

Most reports are expansive, detailed lists that include several photos and explanations of every room in the house.  We add a significant summary to highlight the list of the things that need your primary attention. The summary will incorporate your costs, necessary repairs, areas that require more accessibility, plus many other aspects of the report.

online delivery report

Online Delivery

We know you need access to your report as soon as possible. That’s why we provide electronic report delivery. You can print it and read it immediately. Access it from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Feel free to forward it to whoever you need to quickly and easily. 

Custom Repair List

Now that you can access your electronic report, we encourage you to use our home inspections software to access your custom repair list. The list is a great tool to communicate with us and keep notes on the report. Our clients can highlight items they want to be addressed, view photos, and keep details of important matters. 

The software includes a comment section for customers and inspectors. Additional information on the list includes repair or replacement options or if the customer requires compensation for a defective item.